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Jadeite Grade A Lavender Natural White Rainbow Jade Deer Bambi Pendant Ornament Charm Keychain

Jadeite Grade A Lavender Natural White Rainbow Jade Deer Bambi Pendant Ornament Charm Keychain

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The beauty of gentle Jade, carries vibrations that will help you to balance your energies and allow you to propel forward, supportively and steadily. Tap into the mystic and powerful world of energies.

D E T A I L S:
  •  Grade A natural Jadeite
  •  Rare rainbow white, green, lavender piece.
  •  Very thick and wide piece, high quality!
  •  53.6 x 39.8 x 5.5mm
  •  30.62g
  •  Clearance price!
  •  One piece available only
  • Comes with an authenticity certificate


  •  Luminous quality
  •  Smooth-looking
  •  Under blue light: No reflection = no artificial process
  •  Under white light: watery luster when you look into the stone
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S T O R Y:


A deer represents innocence, awareness, kindness, grace, and good luck. Seeing a deer is usually a good omen and means that your spirit guides are watching over you. In Chinese, it also means "never alone" through life challenges.


Jade has been known as the stone of friendship, luck and abundance. For the Chinese, it is traditionally known to protect the wearer from harm, calm the nervous system, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Purple Jade has been used by many cultures for its strength and beauty. Purple Jade will enhance your dreams, visions, and extrasensory perception. It will also unlock and clear your chakras, connecting your soul to the beauty of the universe. Energies of destiny, dreams, magic and inspiration. Work with Lavender Jade to fill your life with magic and wonder, discharging negative thoughts from your life.

Lavender Jade will regulate the energies flowing through your body and your aura. It’s a stone that will open your mind to reality and give you the truth. It also promotes creativity, confidence, and encourage feelings of love. It will show you how to become more tolerant, loving, and wise.

HEART CHAKRA (Green): Promote joy, self-love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

CROWN CHAKRA (Lavender): Works with both the heart and the crown chakra to cleanse and realign you with your goals. Unites the heart and the head. Connect to your true consciousness with the universe.

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