Collection: Stone Jewelry Therapy

Find exquisite accessories with energies of the earth, to activate your light and energy. The beauty of the earth connects you to the universe, your true consciousness, filtering out the noises of the world. Feel the power of transformation and mental shift with these rare, precious stones jewelry. These calming yet invoking natural stone crystals jewelry boosts your mental health, and can be used as part of your healing journey.

Bring nature close to your fingertips with these high-grade A Jade and rare Sugilite jewelry. Immerse your senses, connect your mind and body together as one, with these natural beauties. Bringing your mind and body as one helps in reducing internal conflict and self-doubt,  and unblocks you from feeling stuck. These stones are framed with silver or 14K/18K gold, representing qualities such as courage, resilience, love and strength.