Unleash the Magic of Power Animals: Deer

This is part of the Power Animals Article series.

In the dawn of human civilization, our ancestors roamed the Earth as hunter-gatherers, intimately tied to the rhythms of nature. Animals were not mere creatures to be conquered or feared; they were respected and revered as vital partners in the human story. The relationship between humans and animals was symbiotic, intertwined with survival, sustenance, and even worship.

Humans have coexisted with animals, forming intricate bonds that have shaped our cultures, beliefs, and very way of life. This article delves into tapping our subconscious by using animals to bring positive energy into our lives. Whether you seek transformation, good fortune, success, or abundance, understanding and connecting with your power animal can provide valuable insights and support in your journey.

In this article, we look into the Power Animal, the Deer. 

deer on a field of green grass

Many ancient cultures identified deer with rebirth, because it sheds and regrows its antlers. The ancient Japanese considered deer to be intermediaries between humans and gods. 

If deer is your power animal

  • You are extremely sensitive to people's feelings. 
  • You love the nature and countryside more than urban life
  • You rely on your instincts when faced with challenges, and decide quickly the course of action.

How can deer help you?

  • A silent guardian and protector
  • Validates your sensitive nature and the need for sensitivity in relationships
  • Extends its graceful and gentle vibe to your environment.
  • Recommends peaceful environments
  • Harness the power of love to solve problems at home, work and community.
  • Invites you to trust your instincts, let go of anger and hostility. 
  • Helps you "see" the truth.

Access deer's power by:

  • Practising deep listening when in conversation with loved ones and friends
  • Decorate your home in restful, neutral colors. 

Dream Symbol:

Innocence, feminity, gentleness, seduction, love, compassion and altruism.


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