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I'm Allison, founder of modgeek. 

modgeek is about nurturing a life well-lived. 

I used to live a life without purpose. I didn't know what I was brought here for. In my pursuit to become a (kinder and) less angry person, I discovered mindfulness.

For years, I untangled my inner battles and delved into becoming my true self. Finally, for the first time in my life, I started to succeed in achieving my personal goals... naturally. I cultivate better relationships, and learnt to heal from my childhood trauma. I have never been more happier and peaceful in my life. 

I've spent years analysing the KEY to achieve what we want in life. Be it health, relationships, career or personal goals; the key is in YOU.

modgeek is about unlocking YOUR secrets and potential. 
Redefining yourself inside out has never been this stylishly fun.

look good. feel good!

Studies have shown that clothes can affect how we feel about ourselves and our competencies.

Clothes should make us feel good about our body.

modgeek picks and designs clothes that are curated for Asian skin tones and build.

We select suitable colours suitable for neutral, warm and olive skin tones which are predominant in Asian women, so you’ll glow.(Psst! Do you know there are many shades of white?)

We pick cuttings that complement your body shape and curves

We choose fabrics that are comfortable for Singapore’s climate.

Necklines, cut-outs and slits are carefully designed, so that you can enjoy the moment, worry-free!

Wear dress lengths that looks tailor-made for you and doesn't wear down your physique.

[mod]: stylish, chic.

[geek]: great attention into details of a subject

Myth #1:
I have to be somewhere or attain something to be happy.

I used to feel that I needed to be somewhere to be happy.
A vacation, maybe. Or a goal I needed to reach.
My happiness was in the future.

When my happiness finally “arrived”, it fleeted as quickly as it came.

I learnt one simple thing that showed me happiness can happen now.


Myth #2:
I can use makeup or clothes to liven up my appearance.

I was tired all the time, no matter how much I slept.

I couldn’t focus, even when talking to my favourite people. I ended up drifting away and had to feign that I was listening.

My uncomfortable gastric and bloating issues didn’t make me feel so beautiful.

I had so little energy that I lost motivation in anything. I can look good however I want, but I cannot hide what how bad I feel inside.

I found a secret that gave me back my vitality.


Myth #3:
To be happy, I’ll just need a positive mindset.

After I found my meaning in life, I was so positive.

Then I had a month of insomnia, I couldn’t sleep all night, and still had to work. I began to lose my appetite. I had acne. 

This helplessness nearly gave me depression. I learnt the mind cannot be positive on its own.

We need something more powerful than the mind.
Something we neglect, forget and even take it for granted.


“Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will.”

- Anne Klein

But really, what is a modgeek subscription?

modgeek provides affordable monthly clothes subscription with flexible time-plans; monthly, quarterly and annually. Our subscribers can rent up to 3 pieces of clothing and receive a new article, targeted for spiritual and physical well-being every month. 

We all need human connection to thrive

Box by box, we want to show how women can have the power to craft their dream life and be happy every single day. 

modgeek x  sustainability

I will always remember my first scuba diving experience. 

I was connected with the Mother Earth without any disturbances. The towering, multi-coloured coral landscapes welcomed me as I explored into their territory.

I saw beautiful, glorious sea creatures, going about their lives. Our planet is their home too

Looking good shouldn't cost the earth.

- Diane von Furstenberg -

Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty.