Guide to Colors of Sugilite Gemstone: Exploring Its Rare and Meaningful Colors

Purple Sugilite heart-shaped rose gold ring

Purple Sugilite

Purple Sugilite is the most sought-after color of Sugilite and is recognized by gemologists across the globe, as authentic Sugilite. It has a deep and rich purple hue, which is caused by the presence of manganese in the crystal structure, and that's what makes it "Sugilite", and valuable. 


Translucent Pink Sugilite Large Teardrop Pendant

Pink Sugilite

Pink Sugilite is an increasingly popular color of Sugilite. What makes it pink? Sugilite infused with Quartz (think purple combined with white), makes it pink! It is the manganese that gives its pink color. It will grow into lilac or more purple in color during summer time, as natural heat helps to diffuse the element and make the manganese color more obvious.

Compared to purple Sugilite, purple Sugilite has more manganese content than pink Sugilite. Although pink Sugilite has less manganese content, it is not cheaper, because it is extremely rare and hard to find. I've personally only found 3 pieces of really pink Sugilite and it gets sold out very quickly. Pink Sugilite is a soft and delicate color, and has a calming effect on the mind and body.


Blue Sugilite Necklace

Blue Sugilite

Blue Sugilite is caused by the presence of iron and Pectolite in the crystal structure. It has less manganese content than a purple Sugilite but that does not make it cheaper in the market. In fact, it is even more expensive because it is harder to find and its gradient mix of colors make it look even more interesting. Its exotic, mesmerizing color makes it a highly sought-after color for Sugilite collectors.  

Black Sugilite Beads

Black Sugilite

Sugilite is usually found with iron, and it makes up the "black" part of Sugilite. It has strong grounding properties and is often used in crystal healing to help balance and stabilize the root chakra. 


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