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Moving past unhappiness


As much as I try to be positive, there are days that I feel heavier and caught in the web of something called "life"...

When this happens, I often get reminded of something that I've read from the Thich Nhat Hanh. 

"Often when we’re unhappy, we are recalling what has already happened, or worrying about something that has not happened."

He added,

"Life is a spectrum of opposites.
Where there is darkness, there is also light.
Where there is fear, there is courage. 
Where there is air, there is also dust. 

We can’t say, we don’t want sadness, we only want happiness.
If we don’t have sadness, how do we know what happiness is?"

It's funny how that little quote makes me feel already "lucky" to know what happiness is, no matter how upset I was.

If you happen to be in one of those days that seemed a little blue, hopefully these learnings that I've garnered over the years help! 


Recognising how you feel

With awareness, it's possible to create a distance from emotions before getting sapped in and get stuck in gloominess. If it isn't impactful to your life in the long-term, perhaps it's worth letting it go! On the days when it seems like it's a repetitive cause, I'll focus on making action steps that would resonate with me and my long-term goals... It's important not to dwell in emotions for too long - because it can sometimes feel crippling or overwhelming. 


Engaging body muscles. 
Is your body tensed? Relax your spine and your back. Take a few slow and steady breaths. One of the ways I learnt is to do a few funny, mini jumps. That helps to elevate my senses quickly and help shake off the nasty feelings! 

Another thing I absolutely love is having a good workout. I love working out, because it's systematic, doesn't take much thinking but requires high level of focus that I'm unable to have any other thoughts! At the end of the 30 - 45 minute session, I feel absolutely in control, because I know that if I can control how my body performs, I can control how I'd let my emotions or anyone affect me! 


Engaging the sense of sight

This is a quick way to disengage from feelings or thoughts. Observe what’s happening around you. If you’re outside, notice things happening on the street. 
If you’re at home, look far outside the window. Notice the clouds drifting and the colour of the sky. Listen for the birds, feel the wind coming through. 


One of the ways that help me to feel calm and collected while I'm at home or outside, is looking or touching my Sugilite stones jewelry. I also do enjoy the process of photographing and videoing these lovely, natural stones. Its natural beauty pulls me away from negativity and I can only think of the good and widen my perspective in life. Suppose this is somewhat, the law of attraction?


Engaging the sense of sound

I have so many playlists on my Spotify to help me feel relaxed. I love yoga, relaxing massage playlists and recently I love the sound bath playlist! It's perfect even for working.


Engaging the sense of smell

There are a few essential oil blends that I'll put at my working desk so, at anytime of the day while I'm working, it's an easy way to instantly take some lift off me! I absolutely love the smell of lavender! 


When I just want to have a little bit of fun...

If there's a store nearby or at home that I can get a cone of dark chocolate ice cream, or a cup of bubble tea, or maybe a pint of hoegaarden rosee beer, that'd certainly perk me up, mmm!


Is there any tip that you personally have? I'd love to hear from you!

Love, Allisone