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I'm so happy you're here!

Welcome to my humble, little space!
Here's a short story of how modgeek was inspired. 

I was stick-like, very skinny when I was a child. Relatives and strangers would often ask my mom if she fed me. The greetings were usually, “Why are you so skinny" or "why are you so "dark", not as fair-skinned as my younger brother", instead of asking about me or if I had fun at school.

Since I was three, I grew up feeling like a misfit and never felt like I belonged anywhere. From childhood to my teenage years, people on the street would stare at me or mutter remarks under their breath while walking past me.

I hated my body. I was depressed. I have never felt as close to being a princess as any young girl would. Growing up, buying clothes was a pain. I often got upset when trying on clothes, disappointed at my reflection in the mirror.

It was in my mid-20s that I started to understand what kind of cuts would show figures better.

While I love high-quality styles, I noticed that most times, designer clothing wears down my physique, that I look sick or an adolescent trying to look grown-up.
I didn't look like the woman I wanted to be.

Then I realised. They were not made for women with smaller body frames. Cuttings were made for women 165cm or taller, with bigger bone structures. And so, the cuts were either relaxed or not hitting the right angles.

As a result, I didn't look sharp, my silhouette wasn't captured. I didn't feel that the clothing represented my best.

While my healing is in progress, this inspired modgeek. A homegrown, self-produced designer label in Singapore, aspiring to connect with women all over the world to heal and find faith in themselves together.

These designs are focused on the Golden Ratio principle, intently constructing feminine forms, while being inclusive to Small/Petite to Regular body types and Asian body frames.  

Neutral colours are mindfully picked to complement all skin tones, whether you're porcelain-skinned, or spotting a golden tan or possessing a rich, dark skin tone.

Timeless designs are created consciously, so women will always find a perfect statement dress for any occasion.

Above all, I hope you'll find a style that you'll feel confident to be in,
to be able to express what's important to you and be your most authentic, beautiful self.

- love & light,


Do you have a story to share or just want to connect? I'd love to hear from you! 

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