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Regain focus by starting with your home:
9 Ways to Clear Clutter


Clutter and mess are results of neglection and can cause stress and make you feel uninspired. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to clear clutter, make my life simpler and regain focus on things that matters. 


1. Start with possessions that have no emotional value.

Things that have little emotional value are easier to discard. This will help you to kick-start the clutter-free task that you’ve set out to accomplish. 


2. Keep only things that spark joy

Inspired by Marie Kondo’s method. Wouldn’t it be perfect to walk into a home or your room, and see things that you love and make you feel happy? 


3. Store things based on usage frequency

Make your life easier by placing objects you frequently use, to be accessed easily. Store clothes like winter wear in higher parts of the wardrobe. 


4. Only buy if you need to replace

A great way to save money and reduce unnecessary clutter! We don't need many of the "same" items.


5. Reduce paper and plastic bags

Use recycled bags. Minimise the time and effort to store paper and plastic bags you don’t need. Also, it’s a great initiative to save the earth!


6. Discard things you did not use for over a year

Inspired from How I Met Your Mother TV series. Incredibly useful when you wonder if you still need them. Although I do extend the time range to 3 years... just in case! ;) 


7. Borrow instead of buying

Borrow things you'll only use once. The library is one of my favourite places to go. I can reserve books via the app and get it sent to the library nearest to me. I'm also constantly amazed at how quickly the libraries get updated with the latest publications. I get to save money, space, and there’s a deadline to push me to finish the book! 


8. Don’t keep things out of guilt or obligation. 

Sometimes we keep things because we think we have to. But don’t discard things that are not yours! Refrain from keeping boxes at your parents’ house. Most of them are reportedly rarely used or forgotten anyway. It also makes it difficult for them to clean up, and it’s unfair that they need to live with the clutter. 


9. Make it a habit

Cleaning up every quarter will make future spring cleanings breezier and faster. You’ll also love and appreciate your space more when it’s clean. An organised home will inspire you to be focused in your life too. 


Don’t forget to celebrate! Spring cleaning is a massive job! Now that you’re done, go on and celebrate the feeling of lightness that comes with it. Give yourself a treat or an indulging shower!



love, Allisone